Name: Scooby

Owner: Fortunata & Vince Racco

Litter: Haven and Rocky – Spring 2019

Twenty Valley Goldendoodles is the most professional dog breeder we have ever encountered probably because they run on family based values.  LeeAnn and Adam and their family have become part of our family since we purchased our Goldendoodle Scooby from them in May. We contacted them by telephone, and communicated for a few days about a pup.  LeeAnn had two pups left when we enquired about Scooby and then, only Scooby when we got there to see him a few days later.  Scooby was perfect and so he became a member of our family two days after meeting him.  All interactions with TwentyValley Goldendoodles have been friendly and honest. Scooby came home a healthy bundle of joy and has remained such.  I believe this is because LeeAnn and Adam treat each pup as if it is going to be their own.

Scooby, our Goldendoodle, is a kind, gentle, loving soul.  He integrated well into our family from the first day. He has played with children and adults alike without incident and loves with all his heart.  I believe this is a testament to the way in which he started his life at LeeAnn and Adam’s before he came home to us.  They make each puppy part of their home and family and so each puppy is family friendly from the start.

Scooby is like our little boy. He loves baths, walks and treats and is fully house trained.  Our little guy is now 80 lbs of fluff and fun and I still say it is because of the way LeeAnn and Adam socialize the pups before they come home that Scooby is the way he is.  Scooby is all love; he doesn’t have a bad bone in his body; he loves anyone who will say hello and smile.

I would recommend TwentyValley Goldendoodles to anyone looking for a furry friend who will show you that dogs are more human than humans.  Thank you LeeAnn, Adam and family for giving us our Scooby; a blessing in disguise from the day we brought him home.

Fortunata & Vince Racco

Vaughan, ON

Name: Lizzie

Owner: Cyndy Cowie

Litter: Lily and Rocky – 2018

Thought I would share this pick of our gorgeous Lizzie. She really is a beautiful dog….so smart (already house trained and know some tricks) and gets along with every dog she meets. She was the perfect addition to our retirement life.  Lizzie is doing extremely well and loves playing with our other grand pups. She is everything we hoped for.

Name: Maya

Owner: Dianne Robins

Litter: Sky and Rocky – April 2018

Maya has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is loving, playful, goofy and obedient!
She has endeared herself to every member of our family and has a close bond with our son Michael, and that was our ultimate goal! We are so pleased!

Name: Oliver

Owner: Julie

Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for giving my husband and I the most perfect dog. Oliver is doing so well. He’s such a happy, silly, gentle and sweet boy. He has brought us so much joy. Our hearts are full! He has done amazing with house and crate training. He knows sit, lay down, back up, stay, drop it, roll over, paw, other paw, high five and play dead. He loves going to the dog park and making lots of new friends and finding sticks to chomp on. He just started loosing his first few teeth. His tail is always wagging, especially when he sees children and dogs. It’s clear to us he was well socialized as a puppy, so thank you for that.  – Julie Hillier –

Name: Finn

Owner: Sally Greenway

Litter: Sky and Rocky – 2017

Finn is an unbelievably awesome dog, completely different from our first golden doodle. He has ruled the house since arriving on Wolfe Island and it’s a good thing we have two acres for him to roam on. He wouldn’t have done well in Burlington for sure. He is extremely intelligent and loyal. Our older golden doodle is too old to play with him so we got him a playmate, a poodle Irish wolfhound. He’s met his match, he’s eighty five lbs and she’s 135 at last weigh in. Interestingly I bought Finn sight unseen, we had to cancel our first puppy as we were in the middle of moving to Wolfe. We have had dogs for over 30 years and this is the first time I’ve had someone pick out a puppy for me. To be honest, they picked the perfect dog for us. I can’t say enough positive comments about Twentyvalley and only hope to once again in a few years, as three dogs is definitely enough for now to get another puppy from them and I’ll probably let them choose one again.

Name: Luna

Owner: Thomas and Annette

Luna has been so so awesome! She took the 4 hour ride home like a champ – we stopped multiple times for breaks. I familiarized her with home, including her introduction to “Kitty” , who enjoys watching her from a distance so far but they are getting there. I’ve owned many dogs but never one as loving or easy to train as Luna. We were wondering when the “feisty” side would come out and it sort of made an appearance the next day but not in a bad way. More of a playful way. Her first night was spent on my side of the bed, crate open with toys everywhere. She was up a couple of times where I took her out for a potty break but the next night she slept through to 6 am, which was great with me (I’m the early riser). Annette suggested, when we pick her up, to let her snuggle in our neck and that is her “Go To” position. She is eating well and her first vet visit is Oct. 3. I have this and next week off from work, so Luna and I are the 2 musketeers, with visits to Annette at her work. We go for walks twice/3 times a day and I’m always home for long lunches during my work week, with a stepson home as well. She has new members of her fan club in the form of my 12 year old niece who “adores”her and my daughter and my grandson, who have problems saying goodbye to her. She also has a trail of broken hearts who have to say goodbye to her, in the form of grocery workers, pet store workers, Lakeshore County workers who meet her and many others. She can sit, lay down, come on command but finding a treat she actually liked took 5 tries. (Performatrin). She and I are inseparable, so she’s agreed to be a Toronto Maple Leafs fan and give extra licks to old people (Who LOVE her). She thinks Spike, the large dog next door, barks loudly but is really happy chasing children, which I’m sure she enjoyed with all of you. She has spent a short time in the crate and she was very good at it ! Today we went to for a walk/drive to Lake St. Clair, where she curled up on a dock and slept while I dangled my feet over the water and read a book. We already love her so so much and can’t wait for the adventures ahead. I’ll attach some pics and keep you updated!  Further update: It’s been quite a year ! My Dad passed away a few months ago and I don’t know what I would have done without Luna by our sides. She has brought so much love and smiles to this family. She is a healthy 55 lbs and so smart. She is always willing to pitch in around the house with laundry (retrieves socks and clothing for us to fold), energy conservation (drapes herself over Annette’s lap, animal security (chases cat when the feeling hits her) and motivational exercise trainer (Sad eyes = regular walks for humans). We’re inseparable. She lays nearby when I’m playing guitar and is by my side when I’m indulging in photography. She has latched on to Annette, who has become her lapdog, when Annette sits down. She is the favourite at Smoochie Poochie’s Doggy Day Care and is really well socialized with other dogs. She loves children and was a constant visitor for my Dad. I’m enclosing a recent pic and video of her enthralled with a ballet performance on TV. I’ve tried to give her a well-rounded environment, with a balance between NHL highlights and Travel/Cultural documentaries, as far as TV goes (which there isn’t a lot of…). She LOVES rabbits! I come home at lunch to get her out of her crate. Her crate training has been a huge success. That is her happy place but I try to limit her time there. She is afraid of inflatable Christmas decorations that move, but who isn’t? She is a winter dog, which is awesome because Annette and I are such winter people. Our walks always involve her carrying a stick in her mouth when we head home, which is adorable. She is my Luna Bamboona and she is everything to me. She makes the world such a better place just by being in it with me. Thank you so much for her. So if you have days when you wonder (As I do sometimes) if you make any substantial difference in anyone’s life, remember how you put Luna in mine. How you set in play so many outstanding memories we’ve created together.  – Thomas and Annette Cecile –

Name: Chase and Cali

Owner: Shelley

Litter: Sky and Rocky – April 2018

I have attached some pictures of Chase and Cali.

They are beautiful dogs who have brought a lot of joy to our family since losing our Harley last September.  We already have them spoiled as they love sleeping in our bed every night with us.

I have had them up at the Cottage for 3 weeks now and they have adjusted fairly good up here. They went on their first boat ride this past Saturday, they were both a little nervous at first. When we got back, we put their life jackets on them and brought them into the lake with us. Neither one of them enjoyed it for their first time. I am sure in no time they will be running and jumping off the dock.

 Chase and Cali are best friends, and are always with each other.

Name: Falkor

Owner: Anya

Litter: Sky and Rocky – April 2018

I wanted to give you an update/testimonial for our incredible pup.

Falkor is now 10 weeks old! He is over 17lbs and is the curliest, sweetest most well-adjusted puppy we could have ever asked for. He loves his family and loves socializing. He is well on his way to becoming a wonderful therapy dog! He is wonderful with our 3 young children and thinks every cat in this house is a friend to play with. He is crate trained without an issue, and we are working on house training;) Falkor The Luck Doodle is such a wonderful addition to our family and we have your family to thank for providing us with him! Thank you a million times over!

Name: Ginger

Owner: Sharon

Litter: Lulu and Marley – June 2015

Ginger celebrated her 3rd birthday June 1st and I wanted to send you a few update pics! My kids and I were talking about the day we picked her out at your home and eventually took her home to Toronto. She has become a very important part of our family! We love her sooooo much!

Name: Honey

Owned By: Miranda

Litter: Lulu – Sky and Rocky – April 2018

It’s been one week now that we brought home our beautiful girl and she has adjusted so well in our home! She is eating well and sleeping better at night, she still wakes up, but settles down a lot faster when I put her back to bed in her crate. I do warm the tea towels, that was a great tip.  I’m just grateful it’s nice and warm outside when I take her to go potty in the middle of the night 🙂
I have the crate in my room at night and the kids all take turns sleeping with us too. Real family bonding time! Lol. I think while she’s still a puppy and so adventurous I will keep her crated at night for her own safety. When we leave during the day she stays in my laundry room on the main floor, it’s perfectly sectioned off with our old baby gate and is nice and bright. The kids could not be happier with their new addition to the family!! Oh.. and after a full week of debate we finally named her too….. we are calling her Honey 🙂

Name: Cruz

Owned By: Laura Yorke

Litter: Lulu – Summer 2017

I wanted to touch base with a little update. Cruz is 10 weeks today, he is calm and kind and so brilliant. We have truly been blessed and I want to thank you. He has slept through the night without a peep since the third night. Cleans his dish every time. As of last Friday he weighed 16lbs! He’s growing like a weed. He knows, come, sit, down, and paw. And has been fully housetrained since we brought him home. You were right, he adores children and it’s obvious he’s spent significant time around them, he is extra gentle and that tail never stops wagging. His demeanour is like no other dog I’ve ever met. He’s amazing and I don’t know if I accredit that to you and your family or to Lulu or a combination of both but we certainly hit the puppy jackpot.

Thanks again.

Name: Oreo and Diesel

Owner: Pettit Family

Litter: Haven – Summer 2016

Exactly what we were looking for!!!  For anyone interested in a high quality Golden-doodle breeder, Twenty Valley Golden-doodles is the place to find one, so good we ended up taking two dog’s home. You would think double the trouble but for us it was double the love. Our first impression was hey they are a family just like us with 3 kids !! meaning lots of noise, fun, chaos, love and laughter. Exactly what the dogs would be coming into with our own family making the transition into their forever home an easy one.

Twenty valley Golden-doodles dedication to producing offspring that represents the best characters of Golden-doodles was amazing, great advice, always got back to us with any concerns we had, their carful and loving breeding was all right on target. You could tell the love they had for all their dogs.

We would highly recommend these remarkable people and quality breeders.

Our beloved pooches have stolen our hearts and we couldn’t imagine life without them. They have completely fit into our crazy family life they have the greatest temperament’s and give the best hugs ever.

The Pettit Family

Name: Norman

Owner: Veronica Borrelli

Litter: Sky and Rocky

I just wanted to thank you again for giving us the most amazing puppy in the world. He is very sweet and full of love and we couldn’t thank you enough.

Here is a picture of Norman now 6 months and 60 pounds !

Name: Cruz

Owner: Laura

Litter: Lulu – Summer 2017

Thank you for blessing us with Cruz! He has just tipped over 70lbs! He is sooo full of love. He’s easy to please. Easy to care for. Easy to love!!!! Healthy, happy puppy at 8mths  comes to work with me everyday and is loved by all. He still  eats big country raw, he’s a perfect weight, gorgeous teeth and coat. Thank you so much for our boy. (I think he needs a friend lol)

Name: Archie

Owned By: Natalie Pierce

Litter: Haven – Summer 2017

Our 11-week old Twenty Valley Goldendoodle puppy, Archie, is the most wonderful dog. He’s very healthy (checked out by two vets), extremely smart and non-shedding (so far). He is easy to train and was housebroken within a week of taking him home – with very minimal accidents inside. He is already responding to ‘sit’, ‘paw’, ‘high five’, ‘lay down’, ‘come here’ and ‘in’ (when it’s time to go into his crate at night). He is teething so we are sure to spray bitter apple and provide him with lots of chews to prevent him from chewing our hands/ items around the house. He loves his bones/bully sticks! He’s a very happy dog and absolutely loves people!

Our experience with Twenty Valley was incredible. From the first day we visited the puppies when they were only a few weeks old, to choosing our Archie and pick-up, LeeAnn was so kind and very informative. I emailed her many questions in the lead up to bringing Archie home, and she always responded promptly and honestly, which was very appreciated. You must visit Twenty Valley to fully experience how much this family loves animals; when you choose a puppy bred by them, you are getting a part of their family. It was so sweet when the kids came to give Archie a hug goodbye before he left with us. We attribute his tune spent socializing with the children to how much he loves people.

If you’re looking for an amazing, responsible and informative breeder, definitely visit to Twenty Valley!

Name: Obby

Owned By: Bruno Pereira

Litter: Star – Spring 2017

First off I want to thank you for giving us a wonderful miracle! Obby is so amazing and well behaved I love him so much! We took him to the vet and he is in great condition and very healthy 🙂

Name: Whiskey

Owned By: Brianna Davis

Litter: Lila – Winter 2016

fits into or family better than we could have imagined! We bring him and our other two dogs everywhere! He has been on several walks, a few small hikes, to multiple pet stores and pet expos to play with other dogs, and to every family members house to meet all of the dogs in our family. He also went to the groomer with our oldest dog yesterday and the groomer said he was absolutely phenomenal for his first trim. I will send you more photos of Whiskey in the coming months as he learns to swim!

Name: Winston

Owned By: Jeff and Kyleigh

Litter: Lila – Winter 2016

Hey there! Just wanted to message you guys and say we are loving Winston. He has been such a good dog, so smart and very calm demeanor… Love kids which we 100% know is a result of his time with you guys! Just wondering if you guys have any plans for another littler at any point? Thanks again!

Name: Murphy

Owned By: Janet and Jeff

Litter: Star – Spring 2017

Murphy is doing so incredibly well! He is growing like a weed – just over 25lb, and getting tall! He is so sweet, and very affectionate. He is also very social. We have a large group of dogs in our neighborhood, and he runs and plays with the pack every morning. He’s also doing great with training – very polite, and learning to walk nicely on leash. All in all, we are over the moon and couldn’t be happier to have him in our family!!

Name: Leia

Owned By: Amanda and Adam

Litter: Haven – Summer 2016

Leia is doing great! She’s getting big probably 40lbs right now. She’s a very loving and silly pup. She loves to be outside and go on walks.
We always wonder how her siblings are, I’m sure they are getting as big as she is and is as loving and adventurous as her.
Well just wanted to say hi from all of us 🙂
Thank you again for allowing us to having Leia join our family 🙂